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New Year’s Resolution: Toronto Furnace Maintenance

New Years Eve was a cold night in Toronto and the rest of the GTA. Whether you had a quiet night in or you were at a party somewhere else the comfort of the night was partially dependent on the furnace keeping everyone warm. Toronto furnace maintenance specialists Furnace Pro Inc receive lots of call throughout December and on New Years Eve each year when someone’s furnace fails them. Sometimes the problems stem from a very old furnace that needs replacing, but more often than not the reason for furnace failure is lack of regular maintenance.

Toronto Furnace Maintenance Matters

When it comes to properly maintaining your furnace it’s important to schedule an annual appointment with a reputable and professional Toronto furnace maintenance company like Furnace Pro Inc. This regular maintenance appointment will ensure that your furnace is ready to defend your home against the deep cold of winter that sets in every year.

In addition to a professional Toronto furnace maintenance appointment it’s also important to take certain steps yourself to ensure your furnace is working properly. Here are a few things that every homeowner can take care of themselves:

  • Replace The Furnace Filter: Replacing the furnace filter is the easiest maintenance task you can take care of to ensure your furnace is operating properly. The furnace filter traps dust, dirt and other debris as the air circulates through your home and the furnace itself. Furnace filters should be replaced at least every 3 or 4 months to ensure the air quality in your home is good enough for your family.
  • Clean The Furnace: The furnace filter will catch the majority of dust and dirt that passes through your furnace, but some debris will also end up in other parts of your furnace. Cleaning other parts of the furnace is fairly simple. The blower assembly is typically beside the filter panel and cleaning the dust and dirt off the blower and it’s components will not only improve the air quality but also the furnace’s efficiency.
  • Vacuum The Duct System: Keeping the furnace intake clear of dust and debris is essential to the cleanliness of your furnace and its efficiency. It’s also important to properly clean all the other vents and ductwork that runs throughout your home. Keeping these components clean will help improve the efficiency of your entire system and reduce the amount of dust in your home.

Furnace Pro Inc has been proudly serving the GTA for over 30 years. For more information about Toronto furnace maintenance services from Furnace Pro Inc call 647-547-6094.