red tag

What Is A Red Tag?

To put it frankly, a red tag is a signal that you need to have some repairs done to your commercial gas appliances or to have them replaced altogether. Essentially, they’re a big deal. Red tags shouldn’t be ignored and if you have one placed on one of your appliances or your systems you should know it needs to be addressed immediately. Letting it sit without attention can mean putting your commercial building, your tenants and the viability of your business at risk?

Red tags are placed on commercial gas appliances by licensed commercial HVAC technicians. If an “A” tag is the type placed on your commercial gas appliance then the technician may be required by law to disable your appliance until further action is taken to repair or replace it.

Is There More Than One Type?

There are both “A” and “B” red tags that you should know about. An “A” red tag means there’s an immediate threat to the safety of the building, the tenants and the commercial HVAC systems and action needs to be taken immediately. “A” tags are placed on commercial gas appliances that need to be repaired or replaced, and if the danger is immediate and action isn’t taken the gas can be turned off in the building or for the specific appliance until it’s repaired.

“B” tags are placed on appliances and commercial gas systems. When a “B” tag is placed that means you have a gas appliance that is unsafe and is in need of immediate repair or replacement. One major difference between these red tags and “A” red tags is that a time period is often attached to “B” red tags. These time frames indicate how quickly action must be taken in order to resolve the issues. If action isn’t taken the municipal utility company, Toronto, can turn off your gas for the entire building until repairs happen or replacement appliances are installed.

Overall, it’s important to have red tag problems taken care of immediately. Call Furnace Pro Inc for a speedy resolution to your red tags. We have the knowledge and experience with commercial HVAC systems that will ensure your systems are operating safely, properly and efficiently. Give us a call at 647-547-6094

Why Do I Have A Red Tag?

Red Tags are placed on the appliances or HVAC systems in your home or building that use natural gas. It takes a licensed and experienced commercial HVAC gas technician to identify a hazardous situation in order for a Red Tag to be issued.

One common example of the need to issue a Red Tag is if an appliance is releasing carbon monoxide into the air. Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas that has no colour, taste or small. It has the ability to cause serious health problems and even death if it goes undetected.

What Do I Do When I Receive A Red Tag?

The best thing you can do when you receive a red tag is to call Furnace Pro Inc. Our commercial HVAC technicians have the knowledge and experience necessary to get your red tag resolved as quickly as possible. Call Furnace Pro Inc in Toronto at 647-547-6094. Furnace Pro Inc commercial HVAC technicians will evaluate your red tag situation, work to understand the conditions of the red tag, find the reasons for the red tag and then provide advice and services to resolve it as quickly as possible. We know that the longer that red tag lingers the more it costs you, so we work to resolve it quickly. Whether that means expert HVAC repairs or the replacement of equipment you can count on Furnace Pro Inc.