Lennox Furnaces in Toronto

At Furnace Pro Inc we only carry the best furnace brands available on the consumer market and Lennox furnaces fall into that category. Lennox furnaces are part of the larger Lennox group of products that are known for being very high quality and reliable. There’s a reason that our customers in Toronto and the GTA have been hearing the name Lennox, and hearing about Lennox furnaces for so many years. It’s because Lennox is a trusted brand that is built to last. At Furnace Pro Inc we only recommend products from manufacturers we trust and Lennox falls into that category.

Efficient & Reliable Lennox Furnaces

Aside from just being well-built, Lennox furnaces are also known for their energy-efficiency and their reliable operation. There are a number of Lennox furnaces that have energy-efficiency ratings, some are actually the best on the furnace market. Lennox knows that consumers are constantly looking for appliances that are more energy-efficient and eco-friendly because they care about the environment. Lennox also knows that with the rising cost of energy its consumers are looking for more energy-efficient furnace options.

Complete Support For Lennox Furnaces

When you call Furnace Pro Inc to install any of our new Lennox Furnaces our services doesn’t end once the installation is over. If you’re not happy with any aspect of the installation within 30 days of the installation date call us and we’ll fix it free of charge. All Lennox furnaces come with a manufacturer’s warranty and with Furnace Pro Inc on your side you can rest assured that your new furnace will be primed and ready to get you through the winter. We’re also there for you when you need annual maintenance and tune-ups to keep it running as efficiently as possible, as well as handling any repairs.

Lennox Signature Collection & Elite Series Furnace Models

We carry and install a number of Lennox furnace models.
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  • Variable-Capacity Gas Furnace
  • Efficiency Rating (AFUE) up to 98.7
  • Energy Star® Qualified


  • Variable-Speed, Two-Stage Gas Furnace
  • Efficiency Rating (AFUE) 80


  • Variable-Speed, Two-Stage Gas Furnace
  • Efficiency Rating (AFUE) 96
  • Energy Star® Qualified


  • High-Efficiency, Two-Stage Gas Furnace
  • Efficiency Rating (AFUE) 96
  • Energy Star® Qualified


  • Two-Stage Gas Furnace
  • Efficiency Rating (AFUE) 80

Lennox Furnaces For Life

It’s very common for our customers to love their Lennox furnaces so much that they want their old Lennox furnaces replaced with new Lennox furnaces. We can’t blame our customers for wanting to take advantage of Lennox’s excellent quality, great warranties and diverse line of product and furnace options. Installing Lennox products is something we look forward to, because they’re so well received by our customers. They perform well, are built to last and their high-efficiency products save our customers money.

If you’re looking for a new Lennox furnace for your home contact Furnace Pro Inc today.

Choosing Lennox Furnaces

The time has arrived when your old furnace needs replacing. It’s a sad day, but also an exciting day because you get to choose a brand new furnace to keep your family warm all winter long. Lennox furnaces are an excellent choice, but with so many options it can be tough to know where to start. Not to worry. Furnace Pro Inc furnace technicians have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you make the right choice for your home. We can help you choose the right size of furnace and work within your budget so get the most energy-efficient furnace you can afford.