Does Your Cat Love Your Furnace?

If you’re a cat owner you may noticed your cat sitting on the heating vent that distributes air for your forced air furnace. It might not even be that cold in the house or outside yet, but cats love sitting on furnace registers. If you’ve been scratching your head trying to figure out why the reasons might be more obvious than you actually think. Cats like any other animal are constantly searching for comfort. Whether it’s through eating, being scratched, playing, or sleeping and resting they want to be comfortable.

Sitting on the furnace register is the ideal place to be to get a nice even warmth for any cat. Whether it’s cold out or not, cats love being warm.

Cat Furnace Safety

You might think that your cat is smart enough to avoid all danger in your home on their own, but it may or may not understand where danger lies. In your basement there are a number of HVAC dangers including your furnace. Sitting near or on the furnace shouldn’t be something you encourage and 90% of the time no harm will come to your cat, but there is always chance they get too close to the pilot light or brush up against a hot tube or duct. You need to keep in mind how to keep cats out of vents.

Your water heater is even more dangerous for your cat. There is a risk of burning if the wrong surfaces are touched, so discouraging your pets from going near your furnace or any other basement appliances is advised. As mentioned, your cat may have been hanging out in your basement for year without incident, but there is always a chance of injury just like there is to a child.

Sitting On The Heat Vent

Overall, sitting on the heat vent won’t bring any harm to your cat, but there are reported cases where male cats that sit on vents too often or for too long aren’t able to reproduce. This is the result of their reproductive organs being heated up prior to mating and temporarily sterilizing them. Not all cat owners want to breed their cats, but if you do and are having issues with the male this might be one of the reasons.

For more information about cat safety and animal healthy consult your veterinarian. We definitely aren’t experts concerning cat health, regardless of our love of felines.

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