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Tips to Ensure You Have an Efficient Furnace

You might not realize it, but your furnace might not be as efficient as you think. There are numerous things that can affect whether you have an efficient furnace or not and understanding them is essential to how much running your furnace costs you. An efficient furnace is important to your monthly bottom line, and […]

Improved Heating Performance From Your Furnace Or Boiler

Understanding how things work in your home can help you get the most out of them. Don’t worry, this isn’t heating 101 or anything. Instead, this is a list of things you can do to ensure you see an improved heating performance from your furnace or boiler this winter in Toronto and the GTA. Want […]

Is Home Heating Maintenance Really Worth It?

In Toronto and the GTA, it’s no secret that things can get expensive. That’s especially true of homeowners. From insurance and property tax to repairs and upgrades around the home, even the best of homes can sometimes feel like a money pit, so you may ask is heating maintenance realyl worth iy? As a way […]

Furnace Installation In Toronto And The GTA

Finding the right person for any job usually starts with knowing what to look for. Just like with a vehicle, anyone can handle an oil change, but you want to make sure you look around when it comes to steering or brake repair. Same goes for furnace installation. While some professionals claim they can handle […]

What Is A Red Tag?

To put it frankly, a red tag is a signal that you need to have some repairs done to your commercial gas appliances or to have them replaced altogether. Essentially, they’re a big deal. Red tags shouldn’t be ignored and if you have one placed on one of your appliances or your systems you should […]

Toronto Heating Contractors

Good help doesn’t have to be hard to find in Toronto and the GTA. At Furnace Pro Inc, we’ve spent more than 35 years helping homeowners and business owners alike with their HVAC needs as premier Toronto Heating Contractors. Whether you need someone in the middle of the night to handle the repairs on your hot […]

The Best Furnace Repair In Toronto And The GTA

My name is Alison and calling Furnace Pro Inc this past winter was the best decision I could’ve made when I needed help with my furnace. It started with just a noise and then snowballed – no pun intended – into a full on breakdown of my furnace. Now I live in a smaller home […]